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At Thesis Audio, we believe that the only way to achieve the kind of improvement that can truly lead to new frontiers in sound quality is to cut free from everything the rest of the world takes for granted.
And so, after years of tireless experimentation and listening tests, we’ve introduced new features that bring our products’ performance to a whole new level.

The platter, for example, is machined from a single block of high inertia non-resonating synthetic material, and features a concave face profile whose inclination ensures that the record adheres perfectly to the surface.

In addition, the record spindle is also angled to balance the inclination of the platter face profile.

Together with the aluminum alloy clamp, these design features improve contact between the record and the platter surface, while at the same preventing the vertical axis of the tonearm stylus from assuming a position that is absolutely perpendicular to the record’s surface.

Spindle inclination also helps balance the forces transmitted by the motor/drive belt system, significantly reducing wear to both the chrome plated spindle and the bronze spindle bearing.

Precision-machined non-resonating stone plinths contribute to producing a sound that’s free from any kind of contamination from the outside environment, and noticeably improve such listening parameters as neutrality, dynamics, and three-dimensionality, ensuring that all of the music’s nuances and subtleties come through.

On the Amalthea model, moreover, the turntable is equipped with three tapered pods whose unique design uses rubber rings to filter out all interference from the outside environment.
This ensures outstanding vibration isolation, guaranteeing clear, clean sound even at maximum volume.

All our turntables are equipped with high-mass drive systems featuring excellent torque and stable rotation.
The drive system is based on an high quality DC motor and the rotation speed is electronically adjustable.

These outstanding design features are complemented and set off by cutting edge styling that gives all Thesis Audio turntables a distinctive image of their own, enabling them to blend perfectly with any ambience, from the most severely classic to the highest of hi-tech.

Good listening in good company, with Thesis Audio products!

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